Tradufix is still in beta tests and will soon be released here. Contact mailto:stefan (at) xsolvo (dot) com [1] if you want to try tradufix.

With tradufix you can easily analyze and translate the most common phrases in one or many documents. In that way you can speed up your translation works and quicker translate the large volume of text. All translation works are under complete control, you can see the original text along with the translated text. In that way you can easily revert to original text and translate the phrase anew.

To each translation project there is a standard lexicon with the most common words and phrases. Each project has also an own project lexicon. You can:

  • during the work choose which lexicon new translations will be stored in.
  • Add the lexicon that has been created in other translation projects.
  • Configure the lexicon that you want to use in what order words and phrases should be selected or shown.



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