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   About XSolvo 

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About XSolvo 
XSolvo is maintained by stegalit and is a common name for some programs and articles produced during the years. Here you can find some usefully programs and developer articles. If you want some more information you can send a email to: xsolvo@xsolvo.com

About TraduFix 
Tradufix is still in beta tests and will soon be released here. Contact if you want to try tradufix. With tradufix you can easily analyze and translate the most common phrases in one or many documents. In that way you can speed up your translation works and quicker translate the large volume of text...

About html2xml 
XSolvo html2xml is a free program that converts HTML data to XML. The HTML format is a loose format that makes it quite a difficulty in parsing and processing data from HTML files. It is much simpler to have it in XML instead. With the file in XML you can use common utilities and tools to process...

Ett program som kan läsa webbplatser som har tv-guider eller listningar av program och lagra hämtade listningar till en XML fil. Programmet är konstruerat så att man ska inte behöva en ny version för att lägga till kanaler eller om tv-guidernas källutseende ändras. Allt går att styra mha...

About TVProgramGrabber 
With TVProgramGrabber you can easy grab information from websites about tv programs and store it on harddisc in xmltv format or in an simple epg format. It has a flexible design so you can easy customize it to your country channels. It will support the epg format that is used in nebula electronics...

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